If you are a Recruiter, here you can find the information you probably want to know about me.
I made that list of questions to save time and in case you reach a phone call, that is to ask for other information that is not in the following list:

What is my salary expectation?
My salary expectation is between 25k and 35k.
What is my right to work in the UK?
I have an Italian passport and NIN. I have the preset state applied.
What position am I looking for?
I am looking for as a Junior Frontend developer with AngularJS or Angular 6, 7 or 8. With backend in .NET or Node.js.
What experience do I have?
I have experience doing frontend with AngularJS, Angular 6 and 7 with Bootstrap and Metronic. In backend I have basic experience with C # in .NET and in database I have performed basic stored procedures for Oracle. It was done from the procedure in Oracle, adapted to the backend in C # and was used in the frontend that was performed in AngularJS.
I also have experience with agile Scrum methodology and task management in Jira.
What level of English do I have?
Basic to express myself and high in understanding. I am currently doing an English course to improve.
If I am willing to relocate?
I’m looking for work only in London. In any area of ​​London.
What am I currently working on?
I am working as a freelance for a customer from Argentina.
Anything in which I feel proud of my previous work?
I did a job for the application I will require applications requested for the Apex America contact center. I had to use many external requests and do a test of all in postman. I could find errors but also suggest improvements to gain response time. In some requests came BAT64 images that were not necessary and we separated the requests with those images so that they are used in other requests and much lower the response time.
Are you looking for a permanent or contract position?
I’m looking for both options. I prefer permanent.
Any great difficulty you had?
The most complicated thing I always had when I had to put the procedures in the backend in .NET.
What do I like most about work as developers?
I like to work in a team, help colleagues and help me. Work on a project as if it were your own. Also overcome difficulties learning new things.
What am I studying now?
English and one in the Free Code Camp course.
Do you have a personal project?
Become a Senior Frontend Developer.