Juan Carlos Cangiano

Frontend Developer

Today I finished my JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures at freeCodeCamp

The topics covered in the course are: Basic JavaScript, ES6, Regular Expressions, Debugging, Basic Data Structures, Basic Algorithm Scripting, Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, Intermediate Algorithm Scripting, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Sctructures Projects (5).
Link: https://www.freecodecamp.org/certification/juancarloscangiano/javascript-algorithms-and-data-structures

Today I finished my Scrum Master course

Some of the things we saw were:
The Origins of Scrum.
The Basis of Scrum (iterative and incremental work, timeboxing, fundamental values and agile manifesting).
The Scrum Team and the Roles (product owner, development team, Scrum Master).
Scrum Meetings (Sprint, Sprint planning meeting, Daily Scrum, Sprint review, Sprint retrospective).
Scrum Artifacts (Product list, list of Sprint earrings, Increment).
The Kanban Table, Definition of “Completed”, Estimation in Scrum, Scrum and Kaizen.
Applicability of Scrum and Case Studies.

Link: https://www.udemy.com/certificate/UC-TXZSGGJU/

A note about me a few years ago

The man who decided to repair the squares of his city on his own

Juan Carlos Cangiano works as a volunteer on weekends and holidays. He has already recovered five public spaces in CórdobaA neighbor of the city of Córdoba decided to make a very particular contribution to improve his neighborhood and began to fix the children’s games of the public squares.

So far he made five, although he says his goal is to reach at least ten.For a year and a half, Juan Carlos Cangiano has done this work voluntarily during weekends and holidays. He also pays from his own pocket the materials he uses.

However, his actions already inspired others who also joined the team: his assistants are Alejandro González, Fabio Giacometti, Maximiliano Lacuara and Nano Díaz.

As he revealed, he has already spent about $ 15,000 on tools and supplies, such as chains, paint and a welding machine. That’s why he also uses social networks to receive collaborations.

“I will not stop until the city squares are as we all deserve Cordoba,” he told the newspaper La Voz.

But Cangiano’s plans are not limited only to slides, hammocks and seesaws. He already said that when he recovers 10 places he will begin to cover potholes in the streets.

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